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Reflexology is a very popular complementary therapy based on the principle that all the systems of the body are mapped out in reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. 


By using specific thumb and finger techniques, your Reflexologist stimulates the approximately 7,500 nerve endings in the feet. 


This, together with the deeply relaxing effects of the therapy, allows the body to tap in to its own healing abilities, opening up the natural pathways that the body uses to nourish and heal itself, and restore balance where there is imbalance. 


Tender or ‘gritty’ points indicate congestion in the corresponding area of the body. During this gentle treatment a state of deep relaxation is created in the body, interrupting the pattern of stress and bringing balance to the body and its systems where there is imbalance. 


Reflexology is a well established holistic therapy which treats the mind and body as a whole to achieve a state of general well-being.

Reflexology Therapy


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